Trash from The Torch

The Torch is Valparaiso University's student newspaper. It's not allowed to have its own website, for fear that it might make the university look bad. Of course, I'm no longer writing for it, so maybe this will change. Anyway, sophomore year, I unexpectedly became the editor of the Opinions section of the paper, never having previously done a darn thing for it or actually worked on a newspaper at all. One of the many unexpected "benefits" of my job was getting to fill space every week when writers didn't turn stuff in. Some of it was pure crap, space-fillers. Some of the better stuff, or just stuff I had fun with, is on here.

Sophomore Year (chirpy optimism)

Sit back and let the good times roll (9/10/99)

School gaze (9/24/99)

Here she is . . . Miss Terrible Role Model (10/1/99)

National Coming Out Week: Pro (10/15/99)

All voices raised (11/18/99)

"Ron's Angels" are frightening but harmless (12/10/99)

Let the past lie (1/28/00)

Why I'm not holding a protest sign (3/24/00)

So why aren't you a feminist? (4/7/00)

How false remembrance harms us (4/20/00)

Junior year (sinking into apathy and dread)

Restricted access (10/13/01)

Pornography: why I'm a "bad" feminist (1/26/01)

McWilliams: modern-day martyr (2/23/01)

Hail to the Chief? (4/6/01)

A violent sense of self (4/20/01)

Thinking about the survivors (11/3/01)


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