At St. Mungo's church in Glasgow. Note that Stu is nursing a Coke in order to feed his caffeine addiction. The second shot is taken of the church from the top of its massive Necropolis (cemetary).

I think Chris took this one . . . this is actually a night of drinking in the hostel that I remember, for the most part.

Couldn't resist - a statue of Scottish philosopher David Hume in Edinburgh. I have no idea why he's wearing a toga. Must have been a weirder guy than I thought.

The folly in Edinburgh. It was a kickass sunset.

The winning quiz team at the Globe. There are little tiny Stu and Amanda heads in the background, if you can find them.

Amanda sitting on Richard the mumbling Kiwi. She was pretty . . . cheerful that night. Actually, most of the pictures I had with Amanda in them were ruined by sun glare, eerily like that scene in "The Sixth Sense" when the mom realizes that all of her pictures of her kid show a little floaty light next to his head. So the ones on here are sort of the few ones that turned out. Incidentally, I have no idea who took this.

The first picture taken on our bus trip up to Inverness. I don't remember the name of the town, but it was where our bus driver was from, and he encouraged us to patronize all of the businesses owned by his extended family. Ah, nepotism.

A tiny dark Stu throwing rocks at water, at some little loch we pulled over by.

Amanda having a pensive moment in the Highlands. If I remember correctly, I actually told her to look pensive.

A lovely little waterfall we pulled over to take pictures of. Stu and Amanda roamed so far down to the bottom that the bus driver had to scream loudly to get them to come back. In my mind, this stands out as, "the place where the deaf Australian guy creamed his wife with a snowball."

Site of the Glen Coe Massacre, where the MacDonalds nastily killed the Campbells three hundred years ago. It's very pretty, actually. But then, most of the Highlands are that way.

One of many little lochs we stopped at. This was the one where I got covered up to my ankles in mud.

Loch Ness. This is absolutely the best photo I took on the trip; I wish it had scanned better. It was just starting to get dark when we got there.

Skipping stones in Loch Ness. That's the driver on the left, with his head down. This is a really great picture, too, but scanned very dark.