The evil bitch-goddess

Now, if I were a reasonable, normal human being, this would be a page of links to and commentary about great poetry. Actually, I would dearly love to have a webpage publishing all of Ogden Nash's work online, but the copyright hasn't run out on him yet, and I have too many principles about authorial rights to violate it, even if the man is dead and couldn't care less. If you're looking for a fun little survey of poetry, though, my buddy Stu's page has a pretty good one, as he has no principles whatsoever.

Instead, here I'm sticking some stuff I've done. Much of it's been published before, in decidedly non-professional journals (okay, yes, my school's literary magazine). I make no promises about quality.


Tell me about your drab, wretched life

Nobody comes here at all. You're only number Site 
Meter to discover this hidden vale of wonder.