Welcome to a little page all about cannibalism. I've actually been wanting to do this for a while, having a long-standing fascination with the subject. No, not for naughty reasons, although there are some who find it titillating - if you don't believe me, just you wait until I get the Links page up and running - but because it's just such an odd little taboo. The refusal to admit that people are really just so much meat, something I sort of came fully to terms with after nearly slicing my finger off once. Darn thing had the exact same consistency as the summer sausage I was cutting.

So, what I'm looking to put up here: a little survey of my experiences with cannibalism in media, and their evaluations. Yes, this means that I will just be pushing my personal opinions on you, at length. This is, you should know, a site very much under construction, and I have only just launched forth on it. So give me a break.

"Long pig," by the way, is a sort of catchphrase for "human meat," supposedly what cannibals in the Pacific islands and New Zealand called their human meals. There is some confusion, however, in how accurate the ascription and translation are. But it's good enough for our purposes.