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. . . uh, please don't plagiarize any of this. If for no other reason, they just aren't that good. Feel free to use any and all bibliographies if you're looking for something. Everything on here is by me, Sarah "Otto" Marxhausen.

CC 250: Interpretation in the Humanities
Alien as a Tale of Sex and Horror 11/29/00 WARNING: this one is extremely wacky and farfetched, but I had so much fun writing it, I wanted to put it up here.
Moore and a New Tomorrow 12/15/00

CC 300: Poe and Baudelaire
Edgar in the Details 03/28/01

CC 300: Privacy: Ancient, Modern, Eastern, Western
Sex Vies with Videotape: American Film's Self-Conscious Presentation of Appropriate Intimacy 04/21/02

English 408/508: Methods of Literary Criticism and Research
Lewis' "Truth in Fiction" and Literary Possibilities 12/08/00

English 410/510: Shakespeare
Deceptions of the Tongue in the Tale: Reality and Dominance in The Taming of the Shrew 04/03/02

English 420/520: Literature of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Humanity and Unnatural Humans in Volpone 04/03/02

English 493: Tragedies of Revenge
Medea/Tamora Jason/Titus 05/08/01
Medea: Stranger to Herself 03/07/01

English 723: Critical Methods - British and American Literature
Take What You Can Find: Seeing, Seizing, and Revelations 10/27/03


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